Why my "chaotic kitchen?" Have you ever tried to cook a meal with two small boys running around? Those Iron Chefs have nothing on me! Most of these recipes are pretty easy to prepare (I'm sorry but I'm not Julia Child) and hopefully are easy to follow. Enjoy your stay and I hope you find some recipes that your family will enjoy!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Donut Acorns

I love things that have to do with squirrels (it was my sorority mascot!) so when I came across this adorable snack idea a couple years ago I knew it was for me! I've made this recipe the past two years for the Thanksgiving lunch at my son's preschool and it was a big hit each time (I'll be making it again this year for youngest son's lunch!). These are ridiculously easy to make. I mean, shhh-don't-tell-anyone-how-easy-these-were ridiculous! And really, who can resist cute little acorns?


old fashioned donut holes
tub of chocolate frosting (or Nutella if you want to be healthy...I don't)
chocolate sprinkles
mini pretzel sticks


1. Spoon some of your frosting into a bowl and microwave it for a few seconds so its softer and easier to work with.
2. Pour some chocolate sprinkles into a bowl.
3. Pick up a donut hole. Dip one end into the chocolate frosting. Give it a little twist.
4. Dip the chocolate side of the donut into the chocolate sprinkles and roll it a little so the sprinkles cover the frosting.
5. Break a pretzel stick in half and stick a piece in the top of your donut.

Volia! You are done! Yes, its that easy. Now just repeat it over and over until you make as many as you need.

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