Why my "chaotic kitchen?" Have you ever tried to cook a meal with two small boys running around? Those Iron Chefs have nothing on me! Most of these recipes are pretty easy to prepare (I'm sorry but I'm not Julia Child) and hopefully are easy to follow. Enjoy your stay and I hope you find some recipes that your family will enjoy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monte Cristo Sliders

These little sammies would be perfect for tailgating, parties, or just quick snacks! They're super easy to make! I absolutely LOVE them!!! I've always thought raspberry on a hot sandwich was a bit...weird...but this is oddly delicious! It got two thumbs up from the boys and it will be a frequent item on our table from now on!


12 bakery rolls
vegetable oil
thinly sliced ham
thinly sliced turkey
sliced Swiss cheese
raspberry spread/jam


1. Put a piece of aluminum foil on a large baking sheet.
2. Leave the big block of rolls connected and just cut them in half so you have a big top and a big bottom. Set the top aside.
3. Brush the bottom of the bottom piece with some veggie oil and place it, oiled side down, on the aluminum foil.
4. Spread the raspberry jam on them. It can be as thick or thin of a layer as you like but I went with a thinner layer because I didn't want it oozing out all over the place!
5. Layer the turkey, ham , and Swiss cheese evenly across the bread.
6. Put the top piece on and brush the top with some more veggie oil.
7. Cover with another piece of aluminum foil and SEAL the two pieces of foil together (so your sammies are in a cozy little pouch!).
8. Put in a 400 degree oven for 8 minutes, remove and (carefully!) flip the pouch over. Put back in the oven for about 5 minutes or until heated through.
9. Cut them into 12 yummy little sammies to devour!

*I got the recipe idea from Publix grocery store.


  1. Made these last night and the whole family loved it. Thanks for starting the blog. :-)

    1. You're so welcome! Glad they enjoyed them!!

  2. That looks so good! I have a feeling I'm going to love this blog.

  3. They're super yummy and super easy! Thanks for stopping by!